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Ad-Din Mobile and Web Application a unique converged solution for Masajid's, madrassah’s and individual Muslim's daily ritual needs and operations

The entire mobile ecosystem is evolving rapidly, users have powerful devices in their hands. Immense Inc. Visions to develop an Ad-Din Mobile and Web Application a unique converged solution for Masajid, Madaris and individual Muslim’s daily ritual needs and operations. Our focus with this project is on how these powerful devices can be utilized for the sake of ones dīn, and how those interactions would differ from traditional legacy isolated model vs a unified converged solution. We are aiming to excel on structuring the right content for right people at right time using advanced capabilities of these devices with rich and efficient user experiences.

"Ad-Din" Everywhere you go + its ad-free                

Develop an Ad-Din Mobile and Web Application, a unique converged solution for Masajid, Madaris and individual Muslim’s daily ritual needs and operations. A powerful tool to efficiently and effectively manage the contents, connect, engage, be informed and grow a strong bond for Muslims with their local or global Masajids’, Madressahs’, its services, events and scholars using today’s latest smartphone’s mobile technologies.

Critical Challenges

Just to list few critical challenges we face today…

  1. Lack of structured unified Masjid and Madrasah Management System.

  2. Challenges and opportunities of providing girls education in Madressah.

  3. Unplanned, non scalable poorly executed technological ideas for relevant content and big data management.

  4. Lack of fund for technological operations costs for sustenance.

  5. Scattered Websites and Apps for individual purposes cluttering our devices.

  6. Poorly publicized and communicated community events often resulted in poor turnouts.

  7. Poor or missing social presence where today’s youth lives and are flooded with naïve contents.

  8. Way to bring the global events/knowledge local.

  9. Guidance to authentic sources of preserved Islamic content around the world.

  10. Operational transparency to other faiths.

and a lot more…

It's not just about building an app - it's about service to our Masjid/Madrasah/Congregants and the community in general.

We all want to know our Home Masjid Adhan and Iqamah times for prayers + accurate begin times when we are travelling to pray our obligatory salah, we want to know our Child’s Madrasah progress the way digitally we get to know from Schools and Universities, we want to efficiently and effectively know the events, services, programs offered by our Home and Masjid/Madrasah around the world. We want to know the facilities available at nearby Masajid’s when driving in some directions with family, we want to know who the staff in charge of Masjid/Madrasah, we want to digitalize the way we do our transactions with Masjid/Madrasah such program sign up to help relieve their administrative burden, and the list of wants will continue…. So what’s the best way to address it all for the busy Muslim?

Imagine being able to get real-time notified of your child’s attendance, teachers notes as a push notification, Exam marks of your child, Child’s assignments and their performances graph, your home and nearby masjid’s Adhan and Iqamah times, facilities of Masjid at fingertip any time anywhere, lets say all in those few minutes while you are in-between meetings train, bus or stuck in a traffic…YES this is what we have strived to achieved and the possibilities are endless with you support.

Where Did It All Started

For more than a decade I been regularly volunteering to Massjid & Madaris. We always had nightmare informing and managing about Prayer time changes, Program Signups, Class, Subjects, Class Routines, Attendance, Carpool & Transportation, Holidays, Emergency closures, Parent teacher interview scheduling, Assignments tracking, Library management, Recognitions, Class Delegations, Alumni and their verdicts, managing parent, students and their Madrasah activity records, Special Events, Religious Gatherings, informing about Janazah/Funeral,  live streaming, and many more challenges faced by Masjid, Madrasah & individual Muslims day in day out using paper based forms, excel, word & other scattered solutions. 

I’ve been an IT Professional for over 17+ years now, Datacenters & IT System Solutions Engineering are my key areas. Being a technical guy I realized that every Masjid and Madrasah is going through similar pains. Locally I volunteer as much as I could, but after 3-4 deployments I got exhausted of reinventing the wheel with scattered solution. With family & full time job it was never ending day for me. I stole time from my sleep & family, few year passed by and I knew wasn’t able to keep up & shatan whispering at all time to give it up.

After much efforts, supplications and duas Alhamdulillah came up with this vision and a solution to build a converged solution a shell to help all of our Masajid and Madrasah around the world. With the permission and help from Almighty Allah and many scholars and administrative staffs of numerous organizations here in Toronto, Canada – “Ad-Din” a Complete Management Solution for Masjid & Madrasah is available at your fingertip to serve our beautiful religion. 

By the grace of Almighty Allah SWT I managed to find excellent working partners for this project who have added abundant values and continuously doing so. 

In our architecture we have made every efforts to make the solution as affordable as possible, while making it completely free for Masjid and Congregants. Please take maximum benefit out of it and use it to its capacity as it’s packed with quality modules, and support this initiative by remembering us in your precious Dua/Supplications.

Imran Pathan

The Solution

Ad-Din Mobile & Web App

Immense Inc.

"Ad-Din" Everywhere you go + its ad-free                

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