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IIT Academy
~Organization Size

  • Teacher: 15
  • Students: 120
  • Parents: 85
  • Administrators: 2
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Journey with "Ad-Din"
IIT Academy adopted Ad-Din solutions to mitigate academic administrative challenges with unified rich and efficient platform. Br Zaheer & team has been a great inspiration and supporter to date. As an organization they wanted to accomplish effective communication, process efficiency, automation and mobility with the entire Ontario Academic Report Cards and day to day operation. 

Our Biggest Challenges


Unstructured data and inefficient manual processes


Inefficient parent-teacher communication


We were missing an automation and efficient ways to capture the data.


We struggle to compile Accurate, Reliable and Consistent Reporting.

The IIT Academy is an elementary Islamic School established by the Islamic Institute of Toronto. Our vision is to produce students who are fully conscious of their accountability to God, confident in their identity as Muslims, and ready to fulfill their obligations as citizens of Canada.

IIT Academy strives to nurture the intellectual, social, spiritual, moral and physical well-being of our students, fostering integrity, excellence of character and a deep sense of responsibility as they grow to become exemplary Muslims and productive citizens of the world. The ultimate objective of any worldly endeavor is the achievement of felicity in the next world. The IIT Academy creates harmony between the intellectual, physical and spiritual dimensions of each child. Our school is a safe and respectful place, a place where students and teachers will work harmoniously to achieve academic excellence and to grow in knowledge, faith and practice; where there is recognition and understanding of the rights of fellow students and teachers, fellow human beings and love for the country in which we live.

IIT Academy's core challenges were, lack of automation, discrete technologies, lack of automated communication, efficient records management and reporting. 

The work load on teachers & coordinators has increased by many folds. Especially for those who are involved in the report card preparation process. 

Discrete technologies causes administrative nightmares, Record keeping, Tracking, communication and reporting from discrete solutions were all adding up and were counter productive losing quality time, which should be devoted to quality learning. costly solutions were not giving the expected results. Lack of automated communication was a big factor i.e. late slip and manual notification to parents. 

The organization’s stakeholders wanted to transform to a unified converged solution that they can rely on. To mitigate the challenges Board members selected Ad-Din as a solution. 

With the help of Ad-Din’s Professional setup service and input from Br Zaheer (Principal), Sr. Nasreen & entire team the data were structured in csv and imported in Ad-Din creating Students, Parents and Teacher accounts, linking parents to students creating Class and sections, allocating students to respected sections and linking teachers to their classes all were carried out within a short timespan giving a head-start to the organization creating the structured, efficient and data driven environment at IIT Academy. Dedicated hands-on training sessions were provided to teachers.

Record Keeping, Tracking, Communicating and Reporting on these elements are core needs of IIT Academy. Ad-Din solutions offered an automated, error-free and fast solution for your Academic and Islamic Studies Reporting needs. It took care of stressful grade calculations & conversions for IIT, plus ready to go drag and drop Comments Library with over 3500+ out of the box comment variation carefully stacked by Grade, Subject, Strands and levels, saved lot of time and reduce stress & workload in academic report building. 

Ad-Din solution meet the requirements of learning skills assessments.  Automatically communicated the student’s progress using Ad-Din Mobile App over the school year with parents. With our automated solution, no pen work was required; teachers just had to enter the mark for day to day Academic Activities.

Ad-Din’s automated communication has fill the parent-teacher communication gap to great extent, saving administrative time.
Perhaps the most conspicuous benefit the organization has gained is Structured Data and Automated Communication. "Before we were struggling with discrete solution all over, many transaction such as Attendance taking and reporting only takes minutes now."

Automatic in-depth progress notification of day to day learning via email and push notification to parents and effective reporting has reduced our administrative burden to a great extent. 

Solution helped our teachers create entire Ontario Academic Report Card, including all Calculations of Grade, Median, Learning Skills, Attendances and Comments for each student in just under 5 minutes!

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The entire mobile ecosystem is evolving rapidly, users have powerful devices in their hands. Our focus with Ad-Din project is on how these powerful devices can be utilized for the sake of our dīn, and how those interactions would differ from traditional legacy isolated solutions/model vs a unified converged solution.
Success with Madrasah

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Success with with Full Time Hifz Program
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