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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ad-Din?

Ad-Din is a Complete Management Solution for Masjid/Mosque, Madrasah/Religious Schools. A powerful App to efficiently and effectively manage the contents, connect, engage, be informed and grow a strong bond for Muslims with their local or global Masajids & Madaris using today’s latest smartphone’s mobile technologies. It offers variety of modules such as,
• Masjid Module: Masjid/Madrasah finder to show enrolled organizations, full control over Adhan, Iqamah with Begin times for prayers, Large Display screen (LED/LCD) URL with prayer times and events rotation, allows Admin to write about article for their organization, flag all the facility available at Masjid/Madrasah, Picture, Videos & Forms Gallery, Admin Portal from Mobile or Web where Admin can manage other role based users such as Staff, Admins & Volunteers, powerful reports & access to dashboard with KPI such as how many followers of their Masjid & Madrasah. This is the second most powerful module in the App. Muslims can follow as many Masjid they want.
• Madrasah Module: Role based Access, Class, Class Sections, Subjects, Class Routine, Attendance, Grade, Exam Marks, Library, Holidays, Fee tracking, Assignment (Home work), Parent-Teacher Interviews scheduling, Recognition, Delegations, Alumni, Reports & Dashboards. This is the most powerful module in the App as it offers Role based dynamic portal i.e. Parent portal, teacher portal, Admin Portal, student portal. Muslims can follow as many Madrasah they want.
• Message center: Third post powerful module in Ad-Din allows the capabilities to send targeted push notifications i.e. you can send to all followers, Staff, parents etc. Message Center also includes transactional messages of the events such as your Child Attendance was marked you get notified automatically.
• Events: Know what’s happening around you from all the followed Masjid/Madrasah. Admin can add public or private events; users can flag their interest & bookmark them. We consider this fourth most powerful module in Ad-Din App.
• Carpool: 5th in line, this module allows to offer ridesharing to your daily commute to nearby Masjid/Madrasah,
• Ideas: Ideas allows users to post their ideas and wishes of features that you want us to develop in the app, share it with friends and family and have them vote on it
• Live Streaming: Embed your YouTube & Mixlr channel in to Ad-Din App, followers can listen live when you are live.
• Tasbeeh: Track your dhikr and supplications
• All from our powerful Mobile App for Andorid & Apple + a Web Portal

How long it takes to setup all the modules of Ad-Din?

Masjid, Events, Live Streaming, & Message Centre should not take more than3-4 Hours to learn and begin to utilize for the whole community. Madrasah Module is big and needs some planning and may take anywhere from 1-3 business days. But once setup your Madrasah administrative burden will be relieved insha’Allah.

How does the Premium Subscription works?

New premium subscriptions user will automatically be charged on the monthly or yearly subscription plan that you have selected.
Please note that the payments are handled by third party who are highly compliant to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), rest assured that we do not have access to your payments methods as its processed by Apple, Google or Stripe in our case.

Is there any free trial of Ad-Din?

No. Ad-Din has many free modules that can be utilized at no cost, plus its ad-free even for free subscribers, to utilize the Ad-Din App to its capacity you require one of our low cost monthly or yearly Subscription which is only 0.99$ per month or 9.99$ per year. This will allow us to sustain our operations while we keep providing the best service and value adds. These subscriptions are flat rate, means if we add a new module or feature in the future its included for you.

How the cancellation of Premium Subscription works?

We have the obligation to rely on the payment mechanisms offered by the various third party platform such as apple, google & Stripe. If you wish to cancel your paid subscription for Ad-Din, please do so from your iTunes account for Apple, your Play store account for Google, & from our if it was through stripe by reducing the count for next renewal to zero.

Is there any Refund on the Cancellation?

Our individual/Organizational subscriptions are term based i.e. monthly subscription if canceled on 15th, will last till the month end & same goes for the Yearly. So we encourage if you canceled the subscription, use it till the end of the term. 

However for Organizational Subscriptions if you reduce the Subscriptions quantity it will result in credit which will be applied to next term renewal. 

Though we try our best to serve you, but If for some reason you are not happy with our service and needs refund instead or want to discuss a other billing matter, please log the ticket from our support portal and we will be happy to address your concerns.

Is it acceptable to pay for a religious application?

We do not generate any revenue from Ads, our app is completely Ad-Free, developing a quality religious app does take just as much time and resources and any other app, every subscriptions helps us to sustain the solution with high operation cost of designing, coding, testing on expensive devices, paying bandwidth cost, and many supporting technologies for the continues improvements to deliver quality service and product for the betterment of or community. This is the only reason we have very low cost subscription for this religious application.

Why my credit card is being rejected?

Depending on the phone or method all payments are processed by either Apple, Google or Stripe. All these providers have very strict anti-fraud policy which can often result in a false-positives, meaning that the valid and legit card might still be rejected. We recommend to ensure you fill all the details as accurate as possible and try again, if issue persist please contact your credit card company and they will be happy to assist with you with your purchase.

What is the difference between free and premium version of Ad-Din App?

We have kept our basic app free without any time constraints, with an optional upgrade to premium.
Premium version gets you the access to Madrasah module (which you only need if your child is studying in the Madrasah and that Madrasah is utilizing Ad-Din solution for collaboration), Carpool for ride sharing, & Push notifications, priority support and any future modules we build. Free version does not include above.
We request you to help us in this initiative by purchasing our low cost subscriptions to sustain our operations and continue to add the value for all.

I’m already premium on my phone, do I need to pay again if I reset my phone or buy a new phone?

NO, our premium subscriptions are attached to your Ad-Din account, you simply need to log out of your account if switching the phone and download the app and login again. Also you don’t need separate subscription for web or if you switch from apple to Android or vice-versa, you can use the same account across all your devices. 

I want to pay for the premium version but I don’t have the credit card.

We have the obligation to rely on the payment mechanism offered by various platform through which our app is distributed. This in a way is a guarantee to you that we do not have access to your payment details, as the payments are processed by Google, Apple and Stripe who are our provider for payment processing depending on the device.
If you are using Ad-Din for IOS, payments are processed by Apple on the iTunes Store. iTunes accepts:
1. Credit Cards in most countries
2. Direct carrier billing (limited countries)
3. PayPal (limited countries)
4. iTunes gift Cards (limited countries), you can find them on major chain stores like Wal-Mart etc.
If you are using Ad-Din for Android, payments are processed by Google on the Play Store which accepts:
1. Credit Cards in most countries
2. Direct carrier billing (limited countries)
3. PayPal (limited countries)
4. Google Play Gift Cards (limited countries), you can find them on major chain stores like Wal-Mart etc.
We also offer the invoice billing through stripe from our web portal which accepts
1. Credit Cards in most countries
2. Cheque (Canada, US)
3. Cash (Canada, US)
4. Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer) (from most countries)
5. Electronic Money Transfer (Canada, US)

Can Ad-Din app replace our website?

Not at present, but we do have a public facing web for everyone on our radar.

Where are my data stored?

Your Data are stored in Tier 4 Datacenter in Canada with 99.99% uptime guarantee and high physical security. The whole solution is secured through firewalls & highest encryptions level available in the industry.

Can I login using my account to someone’s phone?

Technically this is possible, but you are risking your own user profile, and privacy. We only respect an account be shared with immediate family member by choice. Sharing outside this domain will violate out terms. 

How can I reset my password?

You can simply do so from Ad-Din Add by going to Settings, tap on your profile image/name at the top, at very bottom you will see Change Password, alternatively if you forgot you can reset your password from the login screen or from web portal

Do you have SMS Service?

No, but we have architecture ready, in our upcoming release we will be incorporating the SMS service in our message center insha’Allah.

Why you don’t have Adhan Notification?

We have plans underway for Salat Notifications, solution will notify you few minutes before your Home Masjid Iqamah so you can try to join and pray with congregation and attain more reward.

How accurate the prayer times in Ad-Din App?

Alhamdulillah, Ad-Din app is recognized by many Muslims as the most accurate Prayer Times application on mobile and web devices. We strive programmatically to achieve the maximum accuracy we can, and have done multi-point check on our end for begin time calculations based on the Juristic and Calculation methods selected by Masjid Administrator. Adhan and Iqamah times are controlled by your Masjid Administrator. If you notice any discrepancies Prayer Times please contact your Masjid Office.

Do you have Android & IOS Widget available?

No, but our future release will have it Insha’Allah, it’s on our radar.

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