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Ad-Din MORE The Complete Management Solution for Masjid/Mosque, Madrasah/Religious & Academic School Control the Prayer Times,
Events and Send Push Notification Directly From Your Mobile.
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WHO IS IT FOR ? What if you can create your entire Ontario Academic Report Card, including all Calculations of Grade, Median, Learning Skills, Attendances and Comments for each student in just under 5 minutes!


Ad-Din Mobile and Web Application is a unique converged solution to relieve administrative burden of our organizations

Masjid / Mosque

Manage It All From One Single App, Masjid Finder, Prayer Times, Forms, Facility Details, Staff Directory, Gallery & More.

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Role Based Access, Class, Subject, Routine, Attendance, Class Stories, Hifz Program Tracking, Automated Communication, Reports, Library, Exams, Parent-Teacher Interview, Delegations, Recognitions & Lot More.

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Academic School

Ad-Din Academic Module is designed to meet the requirements of JK - Grade 8 learning skills assessments. Record, Track, Communicate and Report from anywhere with our robust Mobile & Web App.

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Mobile App, Portal & Website !

Informative Great Looking, Masjid and/or Madrasah Website In No Time, Full Featured Mobile App, Robust Admin Portal. No Technical Knowledge Needed!

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Who can use it ?

Ad-Din Mobile and Web Application is a unique converged solution for Masaajid, Madaaris & Schools. A powerful tool to efficiently and effectively Record, Track, Communicate and Report on day to day Madrasah & School activities...

  • Masjid Administrators

  • Madrasah & Academic School Administraotrs

  • Madrasah & Academic School Teachers

  • Parents

  • Students

  • Volunteers

  • Masjid Staff

  • Congregants

Ad-Din Success Stories
Elementary Islamic School
Islamic Institute of Toronto (IIT) Academy

The IIT Academy is an elementary Islamic School established by the Islamic Institute of Toronto. With a vision to produce students who are fully conscious of their accountability to God, confident, and ready to fulfill their obligations as Canada's citizens. Ad-Din solution filled the parent-teacher communication gap with automation, robust attendance, and reporting module empowered staff to create an entire Ontario Academic Report Card for each student in just under 5 minutes.

Anjuman-E-Anwarul Islam of Malton

Anjuman-E-Anwarul Islam of Malton (Malton Masjid) is a registered charitable organization serving the needs of the ever growing surrounding Muslim community in Malton since 1989. Offering Islamic essential teachings for over 400+ students including four Hifz classes – Aalim, youth and adult classes for enhanced Islamic learning - and Much more...

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Template Masjid Finder, Automatic Begin + Local Masjid Adhan/Iqamah Times, Staff Directory, About Masjid, Facility Details, Admin Portal Masjid Explore events happening at your followed Masjid/Madrasah, flag your interest, bookmark, share and motivate other Events Lets go little Green! Carpool to Masjid/Madrasah and grow your network, View, Request, Add, Accept, Reject carpool listings to your favourite Masjid/Madrasah Carpool Class, Subject, Routine, Attendance, Assignment, Exam/Marks/Grade, Library, Fee, Recognition, Delegation, Parent-Teacher Interview, Holidays, Alumni, Reports Madrasah No Junk! only important messages from your Masjid or Child's Madrasah. Send Push Notification, Email to Followers, Staff, Parents, Students, Teachers right from your phone Messages Post your ideas which can resolve the Masjid/Madrasah and individual Muslims administrative issues, let community vote for it and we build it for you Ideas SNAPSHOTS
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Ad-Din Mobile and Web Application, a unique converged solution for Masaajid, Madaaris and individual Muslim’s daily ritual needs and operations. A powerful tool to efficiently and effectively manage the contents, connect, engage, be informed and grow a strong bond for Muslims with their local or global Masaajid, Madaaris, it's services, events and scholars using today’s latest mobile technologies.

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