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Anjuman-E-Anwarul Islam of Malton
Organization Size
  • Followers on Ad-Din: 1582
  • Teacher: 26
  • Students: 423
  • Parents: 248
  • Administrators: 5
  • Programs: 10
  • Sections: 44
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  • Madrasah
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  • Canada
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  2 Year Journey with "Ad-Din"
""" With Ad-Din, we structured an entire Madrasah to support our people and our processes. It has revolutionized our organization’s Madrasah Management, helped us innovate beyond traditional excel and many other discrete processes and enhanced our ability to deliver quality reports and effective communication to parents. """

Our Biggest Challenges


We spent too much time on data entry and manual processes


We struggled with effective and efficient parent-teacher communication


We were missing a robust Mobile App for our Organization


We struggle to compile Accurate, Reliable and Consistent Reporting.

Anjuman-E-Anwarul Islam of Malton is one of the largest Mosque/Masjid in Canada, conveniently situated 7 min drive from Toronto International Airport, YYZ and offers 5 times daily prayer with two Jumah prayers and offer many services amongst which one of them is a Religious education to the community.

Understanding operational performance and organizational needs was easier when Anjuman-E-Anwarul Islam of Malton opened it’s door 1989. Now it’s different world around it, hundreds of families settled nearby and the services the organization offered grew as well.

By using data to understand their organizational services better than ever before, Anjuman-E-Anwarul Islam of Malton is transforming the Masjid & Madrasah experience with Ad-Din.
The organization had enormous information flow around its services especially Madrasah/Religious School, but no way to tap in to it easily and automate and structure the data consistently across the organization.

Managing Masjid and Madrasah with thousands of congregants and hundreds of kids can be stressful. Anjuman-E-Anwarul Islam of Malton, Canada is using to make the Masjid and Madrasah Administration less nerve-wracking for their thousands of followers and overall Madrasah records management.

Anjuman-E-Anwarul Islam of Malton was using a variety of technologies to manage information, a homegrown business intelligence and manual reporting. In addition the organization’s administration staff relied heavily on Microsoft Excel and manual reporting. However, despite the diversity of technology, the organization’s stakeholders all had one thing in common—they wanted to transform from this to one solution to consolidate and rely on IT to help.

To mitigate the challenges Anjuman Board evaluated number of solution providers before selecting Ad-Din. The final decision to go with Ad-Din was quite simply based on the rich flexibility of the product features and the excellent support they received. Ad-Din Team walked us through each phase of deployment and effective training sessions,” Br Sadiq explained.
The organization has been an Ad-Din customer for almost 2 years, and was an early adopter of Ad-Din Solution. After selecting Ad-Din, Br Sadiq & Team’s one of the first priority was to streamline the hundreds of Parents, Students, Teachers records, plan and implement the proper Class structure for the programs offered at Anjuman and eliminate all the scattered excel files across the organization. We loved the way the identity management is done in Ad-Din, “Br Saleh said. Administrative staff drove the most value to organization from Ad-Din creating the structured, efficient and data driven environment at Anjuman.

One of the biggest challenge at Anjuman was the same program students in two periods were interchanging and few subjects were not applicable to few students, resulted in a complex Class/Section setup. Moreover the progress report should combine and report from two different classes. Ad-Din’s Class and Section system not only accommodated the need, an enhancement was delivered by Ad-Din on Progress Report to accommodate the reporting need, allows Admin to produce Progress Report on Midterm, Final exams etc., in few clicks and minuets, on which the organization was spending days. We’ve seen significant savings in time-it’s night and day, “said Br Saleh.

Ad-Din’s automated communication has fill the parent-teacher communication gap to great extent, saving administrative time, Anjuman plans to invest more time and efforts to further educate parents to drive more value from the product on assignment submissions.

All in sync -Masjid’s LED display system, Website and Ad-Din’s robust Mobile and Tablet App has given a new perspective to Anjuman’s technological needs. And over-arching concern was efficiency— winning time back from manual processes and increasing productivity.
Perhaps the most conspicuous benefit the organization has gained is productivity. “Things that took too much time and had too much human error have now been automated,” says the management, “and only takes minutes.” As an example, he cites the Attendance capturing during different program is so efficient and takes a minute for teacher to not only mark it, but automatic notification via email and push notification to parents whether the student was late, absent etc., it happens in real time, and management can instantly report on it program wide.

Managing user records, managing exams and marks, reporting, notifying the community of any events, or parents for any Madrasah related activities, powerful prayer times administration all from a web or robust state of the art Ad-Din mobile app.

When asked what he likes most of all about Ad-Din, Br Sadiq replies, “If I had to pick two feature, it would be the Madrasah Module. A lot of tools are geared toward one discipline, but this one is used by all. That’s got to be the single best thing that makes it successful in our environment. I know this is a simple use of the product, but for any organization it’s huge.”

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The entire mobile ecosystem is evolving rapidly, users have powerful devices in their hands. Our focus with Ad-Din project is on how these powerful devices can be utilized for the sake of our dīn, and how those interactions would differ from traditional legacy isolated solutions/model vs a unified converged solution.
Success with Full Time Hifz Program

Islamic Foundation of Toronto (IFT)

IFT was proposed a solution that would give them a total control on their Madrasah especially Full Time Hifz Program, which would generate and nurture the progression of students in a much more strategic and structured way. The most important criteria for IFT was automation and reporting.

Success with with Full Time Hifz Program
Madaniyya Academy

Madaniyya Academy is an organization founded to serve the Muslim Community in Mississauga and the surrounding area. Since its inception, Madaniyya Academy has grown consistently and gained a reputation as one of the leading Islamic educational institutions that aims to have students memorize the Qur’an, have outstanding academic education, discipline, and respect within a moral and safe Islamic environment.

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